Aoibheann Schwartz

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Copywriter and Content Strategist

I am a writer and strategist specialising in content strategy & creation, copywriting, brand messaging, marketing, social media management, and translation. I have 5 years of international experience working in the creative industries, and am bilingual in English and French.

I turn creative brainstorming and ideation into strategies and brand voices. As a writer and marketer, I use my skills and passion for storytelling to help companies and individuals develop and maintain their brand character, connect with their audience, and grow their business.

Whether through content strategy, brand development, blog articles, website copy, marketing collateral, or tone of voice guidelines, I love to use words and personalised strategies to illustrate the core of a brand, product, or service. Connecting with your target audience through unique content is an invaluable asset, and creative consulting is at the center of how I work.

I have a background in editorial, design, journalism, media, and marketing. In the past I have worked for publications and brands including Dumbo Feather, Rant & Rave, Trinity News, Silo, Tn2, and Headstuff, as well as media companies and agencies such as Blenderbox and The Plus Ones. I write feature film scripts, poetry, and short stories, and am an avid photographer and visual communications enthusiast.

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Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Interview, Product Description, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Email Newsletter, Guide, Presentation, Page Layout, Script, Documentary, Landing Page, Social Copy, Video, Social Card, Corporate Photo, News Photography, Corporate Video, Product Video, Explainer Video, Social Video, Commercial, Narrative Video, News Video
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Columbia University, BA English and French
Trinity College Dublin, BA English and French
San Francisco, CA, USA|English, French


Press Release
Blenderbox Press Releases
Case Studies: Blenderbox Website Designs
UX/UI Copywriting: Rock Climbing App
"Maple to Ivy" Website Copywriting: University Admissions Consulting
Ad/Promotional Copy
Icebreaker VC: Portfolio Profile Descriptions
Ad/Promotional Copy
Dumbo Feather: Media Release, Issue 52

Content Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy Guide: Blenderbox Digital Design Agency


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