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April has a wide range of interests and can write about any of them.

Education is one of her passions since she homeschools her four children. She is familiar with learning disabilities and the stages of learning. She's learned about many educational philosophies while researching the best methods for her homeschool.

She also enjoy farming, since her family owns and operates a beef cattle farm. Although most of the farm is dedicated to growing Black Angus beef, the family owns horses, chickens and a dairy cow. April's goal for the farm over the next few years is to increase their self-sufficiency.

April enjoys art, both looking at it, and practicing it. Her favorite artist is Mary Cassat, and her favorite medium is pastel. However, she's beginning to develop her skills in colored pencil as well.

She regularly sews, cooks and gardens. If something involves making her home a lovely place to be, April is interested in it. She loves creating delicious things in the kitchen from scratch, often from the food that is raised on the farm.

April is a mother of four children, so parenting issues are always on her mind. April has spent three years of her life pregnant, so issues related to pregnancy and childbirth are familiar to her. Infancy and the toddler years are behind her now, but it has not been so many years that she's forgotten what they are like. She's currently parenting three children ranging in ages from 11 to 17. April also has an adult daughter in college.

April's favorite phase of parenting is the teen years. While these years are hard, they can also be fun when parents have the right attitude.

April also is very interested in mental health. One of her children deals with anxiety and depression, so helping kids through big, scary emotions is something that she is always exploring.
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