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My name is Areli Freeman, nice to meet you! I mainly write poetry and short stories, but I am no stranger to longer essays and articles. I enjoy writing about books, fashion, beauty, history and the experiences of modern female youth. When it comes to poetry, anything that is remotely inspiring will do the trick. If you are partial to fresh perspectives, politesse and a respect for deadlines, then do not hesitate to hire me!
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University of Toronto 2022, BA
Toronto, Ontario, Canada |English

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How I Edit My Writing
July, 20 2018
Blog Post
Growing Bell Peppers

This is a blog post to help beginners grow bell peppers at home. This was researched and written by me and two other friends.

August, 31 2017
Blog Post
Short Story # 1 - When Desperate Times Call for Desperately Trying to Learn Measures

This is a short story that I wrote and posted on my blog.

July, 8 2018
Blog Post
Planting Tomatoes

This is a beginner's guide to planting tomatoes at home, which was written and researched by me and two other authors.

August, 21 2017
Blog Post
Blindness and Gold

This is short creative writing exercise where I described a memorable experience in 500 words or less.

June, 19 2018
Blog Post
How to Achieve Healthy Soil

Article researched and written by two friends and me about achieving healthy soil in a garden.

September, 17 2017
Blog Post
How To: Actually Read Your Books

This is a short guide on how to organize large book collections.

July, 14 2018
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