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Hello everyone, I’m Ari Taylor, published author, life liver, and big dreamer!
Having worked in sales, as an executive assistant, A/V engineer, and became a licensed estheticican, my skillset is widely varied. I’ve decided to share my skills and experiences through my personal blog and here, by writing for all of you! My work comes best through virtual assistance, writing, proofreading, and general tasks that let me support other amazing entrepreneurs.
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Ogle Beauty , Esthetics License
Texas Bible Institute, Media Intensive Certificate

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Blog Post
Alternate Living | Life Distinct

An analysis on Twilight and how it perpetuates domestic abuse as romance.
Blog Post
Alternate Living | Life Distinct

A piece on hair removal and it's misogynistic background.
Blog Post
The Journey Begins

A casual look into my journey as a writer and traveler.

August, 6 2018
Blog Post
The Good News of The Glorious Gospel

A small snippet of wisdom about religion.

July, 10 2015
Health, Fitness & Dieting

Everyone has skin, but most people don't know how to take care of it. We get stuck in myths (like you shouldn't moisturize oily skin), or maybe you just don't know what it needs! An an Esthetician, I love helping people uncover their skin types, great products they love, and helping people feel confident in their own skin- makeup never needed! With a few simple tips, and a consistent regimen, anyone, anywhere can have radiant skin. In this book Skin:Uncovered we examine not only the different skin types and how to know which one you have, but we also learn how to keep them clean, healthy and glowing! By understand why your skin does what it does, and a few key ingredients you can feel beautiful and confident in your own skin!

April, 22 2018
Blog Post
Alternate Living | Life Distinct

A social commentary on media, beauty, politics and feminism today. Examine life with a different perspective and make an educated choice.

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