Ariella Brown

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Creativity, efficiency, and reliability: I excel at all three. I never miss a deadline.

I've been writing and editing since 2005 and delving into technological innovations since 2010.
I've written about a range of IT applications for retail, industry, health, education, and marketing.
Technological areas of expertise include: 3D printing, 5G AI, AR, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, digital currency IoT, logistics, mobile, SaaS, supply chain, sustainable energy, and VR. I'm listed #12 on the list of "180 leading data science, big data and analytics bloggers"
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Ad/Promotional Copy, Explainer Video, Interview, Press Release, Social Copy, Website Copy, Whitepaper, Script
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CUNY Graduate Center, PhD
New York, IA 50238, USA|English


Ariella Brown
Redefining Lookalike Strategies For GDPR Compliance

marketing tech addresses the challenges of achieving the targeted results of personalization in a post-GDPR world
Bitcoin: the inter-galactic currency of the future?
July, 12 2013
Put Your (Twitter) Cards on the Table
February, 11 2014
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Baseline articles featured technological solutions to business problems. Case studies were based on personal interviews. I also wrote original content for blogs.

May, 12 2017
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My articles for DMN feature innovative technology applied to marketing. These articles are often based on personal interviews.

March, 12 2018
Ariella Brown

Articles for Baseline were primarily based on interviews and were frequently case studies of technological solutions for business problems.

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