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My name is Aryana lotfi, I am an Iranian, yet I understand English, and can write contents both in Persian and English, I have an Instagram page about game review and news, and just a few days ago, I created a Blog that I said its URL up above, I opened it just 3 days ago, ( before that , I had blogs, but, bad platforms made it ruined and it was deleted), and now, after 3 days, I wrote 13 posts, I used to write about gaming, but now, I'm writing about whole entertainment industry, from our old friends, books, to movies and games. I love writing, I write stories ( in Persian ), and also contents in English, yet I love to make contents for those who need it, I can write blog posts, since I wrote many ( as I said, many of them got deleted because of the platform ), and as I reviewed games, I can help the buyers to choose better, and by that, I can give them guides, and, by the tips I wrote about gaming, books and movies, I can write Articles that will help people.
I try to be good, no matter where I stand, as an amateur, or as an expert, I try to be good, because, humans are a vast sea that are always capable to be better.
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Babol University of Medical Science, Diploma
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