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Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Developmental Editor, Editor, Writer

Telling Your Story.

My inspiration and skill come​ from my 40 years as a Print & Radio Journalist, Editor, Reporter, and as a Media Trainer. I have the gift of getting people to tell me their story. I have experience writing informal pieces laced with descriptive, informative content.

I love writing on a variety of topics with an emphasis on how people interact within their world. As an Editor at PC World in Cairo, Egypt, for two years, I wrote for an audience perched on the edge of the computer and internet explosive in the Middle East. It was important to me that my reporters made their writing relevant to what was happening right then and right now.

I love working independently, and I thrive being a part of a team. I hit my deadlines. As a contractor, I will bring an innovative perspective on any topic I take on and have a fantastic work ethic. I am driven to produce a well-polished piece​ with an emotionally challenging perspective​. People love answers, and I love digging for them. Being honest is a critical part of my writing. ​ I am detailed oriented​ and disciplined.

I can take complicated ideas and turn them into easily relatable pieces. I have a creative, down-to-earth vocabulary. I am open to editing and thrive on suggestions so that​ I convey what my client wants to get out there.

I am resilient. I do my research before I shoot off my mouth but, do stand corrected and can adapt when I’m asked to take another look at my work. I am not satisfied with my writing until I believe my piece will have an impact. I love reading other writer's perspectives to see how they handle complex topics. Words provide me sanity and an opportunity to expand my ​worldview.
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