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Hey! My name is Ashlee and I am the Author and Creator of A Blended Momma! I help Moms and Stepmoms through their personal & unique journeys into motherhood! I have two biological daughters and 1 stepson, my husband, kids and I live in the southernmost part of Alabama! My passion is helping others which led me to create my website and continue creating my launching my course Stepmommin' 102: The Ultimate Survival Guide for All Stepmoms which includes a trial membership to a new private stepmom exclusive community that I also recently created for my readers!
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May, 6 2018
The Top 7 Ways to Prevent the Spring Time Cold & Flu from Hitting your Blended Family this Year!!

In this post I list the top 7 ways to prevent the Springtime common cold and flu in your home. I also include a infographic I made specifically for this post!

March, 12 2018
Blog Post
Making Your New Blended House a Home That Every One Feels Comfortable In, While Staying on a Budget!

This post has two main topics, one being how I dealt with moving into the home that was once my (now) spouses and his Ex wife's home, and two how we redecorated it into our own home while saving money with every chance we could!

March, 20 2018
Blog Post
The 5 Most Important Life Lessons I Have Learned By Being A Stepmom!

This post describes the most important and beneficial things I learned from being a Stepmom!

March, 22 2018
Blog Post
How to Transition From a Single Mom to A Blended Mom with Ease!!!

This blog post is describing how I felt transforming from single mom into a Mom and Stepmom (blended momma). I cover how to make this transformation as easy as possible and cover ways to cope with all the changes!

April, 18 2018
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