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In working in medicine I have seen first hand how modern medicine does not have good enough answers for many diseases. This fact inspired me to take my medical knowledge and seek further training in clinical research to be able to effectively contribute to the future of medicine. I have a passion for empowering others through better health outcomes and one of the best ways to achieve this is through clinical research. I feel that my experience as a Clinical Research Coordinator currently managing 12 studies, in combination with my medical background as an MD serving as a patient advocate, frequent presentation of case reports, as well as presenting the latest research findings to medical committees has made me an effective communicator, and has bettered my ability to influence key opinion leaders. My strong organizational skills and meticulousness with following protocols contribute to passionate work in research.

In an effort to further my experience, I have recently completed an intensive post secondary degree program in clinical research with ICH GCP E6 (R2) and Management of all aspects of a clinical trial from feasibility to closeout. I currently work in Infectious Disease and Dermatology as the lead clinical research coordinator. My experience and training cover all aspects of protecting the rights, safety and well being of patients and collecting clean, credible data according to ALCOA-C principles.

My current clinical research coordinator experience entails managing 12 studies. I feel that my diverse background will help bring a wealth of knowledge to the research community. My resume further highlights the experience and skills that I can contribute to this position. I am confident that I can help your company achieve its organizational goals.
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