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Remember 2 be led by All things True... Pure & Love!!!

Ashley Cuffee aka Ash’iz “Tha Rebirth” uniquely mixes alternative health with spoken word poetry that revives, reveals, and brings a rebirthing that heals. Off stage, Ash’iz is an Alternative Health Crystal Practitioner and Executive Director of the non-profit Beauty 4rm (pronounced, “from”) Ashiz Movement. Most recently, she published a poetic-autobiography entitled, “A Piece of Me, Brings Peace to Me.” Ash’iz is currently working on a complementary monologue called “Invisible Me.”

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Crystal Vaults, Certified Crystal Practitioner
Reiki Infinite Healer, Reiki 1&2 certified
Alison Online, Educational Psychology
Ocean City, MD, USA|English

Published Blog Posts

Blog Post
Tha Practice of Meditation

Something as simple as breath!!! Yes your breath, one thing that is so powerful and takes so little effort to do... What does your breath really symbolize & how can you begin the practice of consciously breathing? What will conscious breathing birth in your life?

January, 29 2018
The "LOOKING GLASS" Chronicles

A video to encourage us all to love who we are at All times & speak truth 2 ourselves because in that type of transparency true healing can manifest.

December, 21 2017
Blog Post
Writin’ but What am I Really Sayin’?

In this blog post you will find encouraging... uplifting... motivating content! Most of us at some point in time feel that we get lost in the caos of everyday living and even though we feel we may be giving it our best... We lay awake in bed at night considering, am I just taking up space? Did my kindness mean anything today? Is all this SHIT worth it????

August, 7 2018

Meditation/Holistic Healing Posts

Explainer Video
Intro 2 Meditation w/ Ash'iz

Whether new to meditation practice or to gain a refresher of new techniques view this explain video to meditation. View to get an idea or to meditate along with me.

August, 13 2018
Explainer Video
LOVE = HEALING: An Offer That Will Shift Your Entire Life!!!

Join me as I explain exactly what holistic healing entails and how it relates to All of Us!!!! I offer a place where it is easy to flow into the knowledge of who we are in our most Authentic Divine Space of Being!!!

August, 13 2018

Healing Oracle Card Readings

Super SoulStice Reading

Learn a little about the significance of the Summer Solstice 2018 & a bonus card reading to offer you some guidance along your healing journey.

June, 23 2018

Cards are one of the modalities I use to intuitively search the heart and energy of individuals to unearth those deep rooted emotions so that healing can begin to take place.

August, 13 2018
Social Video

A brief intro to who I am as a Holistic Health Provider. Healing can come in so many forms... typically not in the manner in which we assume or may want it to come; so take a trip with me as I work intuitively through the cards to help you along your healing journey.

November, 16 2017

Positive Self-Talk Affirmations


You are a Divine Being!!!! Live outloud without apologies... Even in the rough times! Speak life 2 yourself, never damnation because you are your reflection in the world!!!

December, 20 2017

Random Vlogs

Live Event
Sound Bowl Healing Session: KARMA FEST 2017

Fun times with a diverse group of people all joining together with one cause... one mission... 2 Heal & Be Healed!!!

November, 15 2017
Product Video
Crystals At The Beach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystals are of the ancient healing techniques!!! Here's a beautiful view of the beach with the sounds of the waves as I give you a preview of my inventory of Healing Crystals & what the healing properties each possesses.

November, 15 2017
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