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Ashley Dufault is a freelance writer and author. She takes pride in helping businesses find their voice and has been trusted by companies like Amazon, Rafail Insurance Group, and Half-Moon Media. She is the internationally published author of the acclaimed dystopian/post-apocalyptic science fiction novel If I Let You Go, and is currently editing a paranormal horror (title TBD). When she's not writing, gardening, or obsessing over her pets, she's managing her website at She is a native of southern Massachusetts.
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Bridgewater State University, Bachelor of Arts, Communication

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Ashley Dufault | Author & Editor

Chronic illness makes everything just a little bit more difficult – sleeping, eating, cleaning, writing, reading, and so many more daily tasks. However, there are so many products readily available to make life easier and help you with self-care. I scavenged the Internet to come up with a list of some of my favorites.
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10 Vacation Destinations for Adventurous Tourists

Everyone seeks adventure from time to time. Don’t just book another trip to the Caribbean for your next vacation — take a unique journey to one of these unforgettable destinations.

September, 1 2014
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10 Inventions Inspired by Science Fiction

Although we're still waiting on the hoverboards from Back to the Future, many of our biggest and most unexpected achievements in technology have come to us thanks in part to out-of-the-box ideas spawned by science fiction authors and filmmakers.

September, 10 2014
Blog Post
Science Fiction: Can It Exist Without Horror?

Is it sci-fi or is it horror? This is a question many of us ask ourselves as we’re perusing the Internet for new books to read. However, I believe the real question we ask ourselves shouldn’t be if a science fiction novel has elements of horror, but rather, if it doesn’t. Moreover, if a sci-fi work contains no element of horror, is it even science fiction at all?

November, 26 2017
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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

More than 80 percent of Americans agree that most people need life insurance to protect loved ones from experiencing financial loss; so, why is it that 40 percent of Americans haven’t purchased life insurance or explored more protective plans?

September, 18 2018
Blog Post
4 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Life Insurance

Today, more Americans have employer-provided life insurance than have individual life insurance – six million more Americans, to be exact. Sounds like amazing news, but is it really?

September, 26 2018
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