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Thank you for your consideration! I'm Ashley, an enthusiastically dedicated, freelance writer and author. My skills are versatile, with experiences writing in comedy journalism to brand awareness; whether I’m writing for or from a comical point of view, marketing your new product , or promoting a new mission; I use charm and my effortless ability to use empathy to relate to anyone! Allow me to turn your vision into inspiration, as I have a passion for transforming thoughts and ideas into a universal understanding. I boast myself of my multifaceted mindset but my second nature consist of: conscious awareness, mental health, and social psychology Using my love of writing and in depth fascination with the human mind all adds authenticity and (ironic) simplicity to my writing style and how I will get my message across to your audience. As your writer, I’m committed to the success of your vision and will always adapt to the voice of your project and translate it into your call.
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Guide, Article, Infographic Copy, Ebook, Infographic, Recipe, Interview, Blog Post, Email Newsletter
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Penn State World Campus, Creative Writing Certification

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