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Graphic Designer

Design, Design, Design!

If I’m a designer with a diverse design background. I've worked for large corporations and startups. Throughout my professional career, I've been a part of successful rebrands for both online and retail operations, website designs that premier new brands for clients, and user interface design projects that streamline the user experience. I’ve managed clients and delivered design solutions that grow the client’s business and drive client engagement.

I'm always up for a challenge and enjoy learning new skills.
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Infographic, Landing Page, Illustration, Page Layout, Graphic
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Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA - Industrial Design
Rochester Institute of Technology, AAS - Graphic Design
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

Published Content

Asolva Website Redesign

Ashley worked with a medical software company, Asolva to completely redesign their existing website in preparation for an upcoming trade show. A one-page website design was created to maintain focus on the company’s main product. The goal of the site was to communicate simply and concisely while still expressing the Asolva and Medici brands. It was fully responsive and made to appear properly on all screen sizes.
Personal Finance Coaching Brand

A completely new brand for a completely new course. This project involved creating a visual identity for the "Become a Personal Finance Coach" course. The new visual identity was applied to the courses' "stack" materials, to the promotional video, landing page, and to the course itself. We also worked on editing the written course materials including the author's premier book. Branding for a "Become a Personal Finance Coach" by Dan Benveniste, is in association with Credit Repair Cloud.
XPAND Shoelaces Rebrand

Xpand Laces is a revolutionary no–tie shoelaces company that features an elastic lacing system designed for comfort, style, and performance. Featured on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Xpand Laces was in the position of rebranding their company. I had the privilege of working with Xpand to create a new visual identity designed to bring the company to the next level and better target the product’s demographic.
Legacy National Branding & Web Design

Legacy National Audit Bureau was birthed from decades of experience and two successful businesses combined to offer more value as one. But why would one choose one company over another? We identified the main factors that differentiated the business. With a reapproach to branding and a fresh approach to website design, we created a new logo and delivered a fully responsive WordPress website designed to sell customers on using Legacy National Audit Bureau as their audit providers. Down to earth and friendly, we worked to balance professionalism with an unassuming approach.
Vidget Product Branding

Viggi Kids inspires children to be creative, imaginative and playful. I had the privilege of designing a logo for their premier product: the Vidget. The Vidget is their award–winning product design that celebrates children’s natural tendency to fidget while attempting to sit still. With colors specified by Viggi Kids, the final solution features the product’s name “Vidget” spelled out in a typeface that has lines reminiscent of children’s handwriting. An arc emphasizes the name as a symbol of the product's natural rocking motion.
Mindful Deck Design Concept

As one of my favorite activities, I find the variation between calm and uncertain balance in longboarding to require complete immersion in the experience. Presence and awareness are encouraged by the various natural motions of the board. In the spirit of mindfulness, I decided to design and construct a longboard deck that was meant to be a reminder to enjoy the moment.

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