Ashley Trexler

Named on of 2015's Most Inspirational Bloggers, Ashley is a blogger, writer, and researcher.  She is always happy to send a sample pitch tailored to your site and request. Take her up on it! Also awarded Most Valuable Post by in their Summer Serious Bloggers Only competition, Ashley brings quality content to your brand and business. Ashley’s creative content development skills are unique, engaging, and thorough. From blog posts to local website development to international presentations, her mission to meet your goals. And avid researcher, Ashley works hard to keep the lines of communication clear and open. As the founder of Lies About Parenting, a Top 100 Parenting Blog, she is dedicated to finding the truth in parenting and debunking popular parenting advice that just doesn't work so we can raise healthier, happier kids.  With copywriting, headlines, post, and article writing experience, Ashley can help you reach your goals.

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