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Humor content is unforgettable content, and instantly breeds likeability.

My friends describe me as conscientiously vivid. In college, William Tenn, a scifi Author Emeritus, awarded me a Manhattan internship based on my witty short story, Dancers, which was later broadcast on KALW. Years of theater reviewing and performing improvisation further honed my storytelling prowess. In my painting and collage work, gut instinct, adaptability and perceptiveness are vital.

Whether creating art or coaching improv, I always keep my natural proclivity for humor at the forefront.

Has your brand fallen prey to bland, cookie cutter content?

Let’s face it: each industry group sells a similar product or service. Digital content marketers must enthrall and engage their target groups at the speed of thought. And everyone wants to be perceived as a digital content genius. Your message must be unique enough to cut through the hubbub and reach the consumer’s mind. But how to achieve the creative, savvy and likeable cachet that the market requires?

Your followers are demanding more and more *unique* content **now**, and your rivals are providing it, in spades. How to get target users to click on your website instead of 100 others? And, most importantly how do you make your brand likeable?

Humor that enthralls = Humor that engages = Humor that converts
Keep your prospects enthralled by the first sentence, the next, and the one after that. Now they can’t get enough of what you’re giving them, and your brand is perceived as likeable. Now that’s an incomparable experience! I am Ashley West, and I will Carbonate your Content.

Areas of Expertise: Content marketing, humor content marketing, humor marketing strategy, humor branding, viral business humor, mental benefits of humor, physical benefits of humor, humorous content engagement, understanding your audience, conversions, content marketing tools
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Ad/Promotional Copy, Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Checklist, Commercial, Direct Mail, Ebook, Guide, Interview, Landing Page, Presentation, Press Release, Script, Social Copy
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Pennsylvania State University, B.A. in English (Writing)
Registered Financial Planners, Received certification via teaching subject for years; coursework was exempted.
San Francisco, CA, USA|English

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Humorous content is essential today to attract customers and enhance connections.
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This is a blog that I ghostwrote for a private client.

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