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Ow! Got content pain? Rule food trend CX! | On a mission to help you leap engagement hurdles

Greetings future clients! Two skills are implanted in my DNA: a fertile imagination (thanks mom and dad), and discernment, a.k.a. an incredible knack for knowing which content boosts your brand and which is B.S.

“But what makes you the ibuprofen for my content headaches?” you wonder. Glad you asked.

• For an idea factory like me, generating content concepts is like breathing. At Educel, I created F&B best practices training modules. If you crave a touch of humor, many food trends are ripe for satire – Tyson’s into talking food!
• According to my clients, I have great taste… in perceiving your website content needs, in choosing precise, refined language for your white paper and in syncing your blog with your brand style, whether buttoned-up corporate or more approachable.

I became a storyteller in college, when I was poised to graduate (in three years, mind you). My adviser William Tenn, (oft compared with Pohl and Kornbluth), offered me a Manhattan publishing internship to cap off my Writing degree. “There’s fierce competition for this, but I want you to have it.” Imagine that!
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Pennsylvania State University, B.A. in English (Writing)
Registered Financial Planners, Received certification via teaching subject for years; coursework was exempted.
San Francisco, CA, USA|English

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