Ashu Mitra

Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

A content writer with a deep understanding and field experience of SEO and Digital Marketing

I have worked as a digital marketing executive for two companies based in Bangalore. After quitting the last job, I started my freelancing career in 2017. Content creation has a lot of factors to consider, primarily when it is intended to bring a certain value to the reader. Things such as creative thinking, simplifying complicated situations, and providing some actual value to the reader's time spent are often neglected. I don't do that.
I am a vivid reader of fantasy and mythological novels, and my storytelling is somewhat borrowed from such reads.
So far, I have written 700+ long and short articles/blogs on various niches. Topics such as legal, home improvement, relationships, lifestyle, technology, digital marketing, and how-to blogs are my specialty.
I believe in working honestly and with dedication. This work brings bread to my table; thus, I'm compelled to be honest towards it.
Content Types
Article, Landing Page, Website Copy, Blog Post
More Information
Bangalore Institure of Technology, B.E. in EEE
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India|English, Hindi

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