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Writing About Lifestyle, Health, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Topics

I’ve studied writing and the effective use of the English language both as an undergraduate and a graduate student. Professionally, I've learned how to educate, guide, convert, and win the trust of readers. I’ve written blog posts, eBooks, press releases, and web copy in an agency setting. In addition to writing, I'm also skilled in proofreading and editing. I also write creatively, having published several short memoirs and short fiction pieces in literary magazines.

I have experience writing about digital marketing, SEO content, lead generation, law, enterprise technology, IT services, cloud computing, small business management, business operations, startups, personal finance, consumer technology, web content, blog posts, newsletters, magazine features, marketing content, evergreen content, news commentary, and various other topics.

I love to do my job.
I make sure that you love every piece of the content which i write.
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dhaka university, B.A, (HONS) in English
Dhaka, Bangladesh|Bengali, English

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