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Asma has covered the video games industry since 2007. She goes hands-on to deliver candid news and previews on games from every genre on any gaming platform. For everything from how-tos to reviews, follow Asma on Twitter @InteractiveAsma.
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How To Catch A Free Charizard, Marshadow In ‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Events This Month
October, 2 2017
‘Secret Of Mana’ Gets HD Remake On PS4 And PS Vita, Release Date Set For February 2018
August, 28 2017
‘Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ Interview: Producers Share What To Expect In Season 2
June, 28 2017
Not Sure What ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Is All About? New Trailer Explains With 5 Minutes Of Gameplay
October, 7 2017
Get A First Look At The ‘Westworld’ Mobile Game
March, 11 2018
‘GTA Online’ Update Adds Electric Supercar, Plus Double GTA$ And RP All Week
November, 14 2017
‘Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition’ Pre-Registration Begins, Pricing And Device Support Revealed
November, 12 2017
Assassin’s Festival Begins In ‘Final Fantasy XV’: Everything You Need To Know To Join In The Crossover Event
September, 4 2017
‘Call of Duty: WWII’ Makes Its eSports Event Debut: How To Watch The CWL Dallas Open
December, 8 2017
‘Tekken 7’ Adds Noctis From ‘Final Fantasy XV’ As New DLC Character In Spring 2018
November, 13 2017
‘Gwent: The Witcher Card Game’ Public Beta Marks Its PS4 Debut, 3 Reasons It Is A Must-Play
May, 22 2017
Catch Mega Tyranitar, Shiny Tapu Koko, And More In Latest ‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Pokemon Moon’ Events
July, 23 2017
NES Classic Edition Restocks On Monday, Nintendo Switch In Stores For ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ Release
April, 24 2017
‘Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition’ Is Now Part Of EA Access
November, 26 2017
Luigi Arrives In ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ With Free Game Update
February, 25 2018
‘King’s Knight: Wrath Of The Dark Dragon’ Mobile Game Joins The ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Universe
September, 18 2017
McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Sells Out, Leaving Many ‘Rick And Morty’ Fans Without
October, 7 2017
‘Kingdom Hearts’ Orchestra World Tour Features Exclusive New Story Scenes, Concert Comes To U.S. This Summer
June, 4 2017
‘World Of Final Fantasy’ PC Version Confirmed, Release Date Announced
November, 2 2017
‘Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’ Tournaments Planned For New York Comic Con 2017
September, 25 2017
‘Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’ — Episode 1, Waking Up Is Mesmerizing [Opinion]
October, 4 2017
A Thousand Li Per Day: The Open World Of ‘Dynasty Warriors 9’ [Opinion]
February, 28 2018
‘Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’ — Episode 2 Conjures More Questions Than Answers [Opinion]
December, 5 2017
First ‘Soulcalibur VI’ Characters Revealed, Roster Grows With Grøh
January, 28 2018
Love Playing ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ Online? Multiplayer Is Only Free On Nintendo Switch For Limited Time
May, 1 2017
‘LEGO Dimensions’ Development Ends, Online Support To Continue
October, 23 2017
‘Stardew Valley’ On Nintendo Switch: Release Date Confirmed For October 5
October, 4 2017
‘Metal Gear Survive’ Beta Scheduled For January 2018 On PS4 And Xbox One
December, 13 2017
Ariana Grande Delivers Encore Performance In ‘Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’
April, 17 2017
‘Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age’ Gets A Few New Features Before Its PC Release
January, 14 2018
‘Kingdom Hearts III’ World List Expands To Include Another Pixar Film, ‘Monsters, Inc.’
February, 12 2018
‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses Confirmed — And Everything Else You Need To Know
April, 17 2017
Marvel Fans Get New Mobile Game: ‘Marvel Strike Force’
March, 31 2018
‘Nier: Automata’ Soundtrack Vinyl Edition Set To Release This Year
October, 2 2017
New ‘Attack On Titan 2’ Trailer Shows Off Brutal Gameplay On Nintendo Switch
February, 4 2018
‘Final Fantasy XV’, ‘Tomb Raider Crossover Confirmed
April, 8 2018
Ariana Grande Returns To ‘Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ With New Character
August, 21 2017
‘Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon — Guardians Rising’ Expansion Debuts With Free Card Giveaway
May, 8 2017
‘Splatoon 2’ Demo And More: Latest Details From Nintendo Direct
July, 9 2017
‘The Lost Arcade’: A Documentary For Gamers [Opinion]
June, 1 2017
‘Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker’ Confirmed For PS4, Xbox One, and PC
April, 10 2017
‘Valkyria Revolution’: When A Spin-Off Falls Flat [Opinion]
July, 2 2017
Geralt Of Rivia Enters The Stage Of History In ‘SoulCalibur VI’
March, 16 2018
‘Kingdom Hearts’ Mobile Game Adds Disney Tsum Tsum Events For Limited Time
September, 11 2017
‘Star Ocean: The Last Hope’ Gets HD Remaster, 4K Support, Launch Bonuses, And November Release Date
October, 23 2017
‘Mobius Final Fantasy’ Celebration Gives Players Special Bonuses All Month Long
August, 7 2017
‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2’ Preview: The Guardians Were Playable At E3 2017
June, 18 2017
‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Cloud Returns To ‘Mobius Final Fantasy’
December, 3 2017
‘Madden NFL 18’ Tournament Gives Football Fans One Last Chance To Win Super Bowl LII Tickets
December, 31 2017
Ana De Armas On ‘Destiny 2’ And ‘Blade Runner 2049’
May, 30 2017
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