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To thine own self one must be true - William Shakespeare

I'm Aubrey, I'm 22 years old and a stay at home mother of two beautiful children under the age of two! At the age of 16 I passed my GED test (English test scorer was 780 - with 800 being 100%) and went on to Rogie Community College to take just one class (so far...). That was an Occupational Skills Workshop; and I passed with a B+ if my memory doesn't fail me! But ever since I was a young girl I always loved to write, I always passed English with an A+, scored perfect or near perfectly on my spelling tests. My SAT tests came out at college level when I wad just in sixth grade! I religiously kept a journal, and would usually write at the end of each day before I would fall asleep in bed. Reflecting on that days events and my own thoughts as well as perspectives on things that were happening every day in my life. That was how I helped myself better understand my life and deal with things appropriately and more accordingly.
I also really liked the idea of writing fiction novels, though I always had a hard time coming up with ideas -or continuing with ideas- and so, I would "continue" novels that were written by someone else that I had read (The Pellinor series by Allison Croggon).
Fast forward a few years, and I obtained my first job as a live-on-site housekeeper at a local motel. Was in a committed relationship, and still am. Then, unexpectedly became pregnant with my first child, who is now 2. My family was back and forth, living with different family members, and for a short while in our truck.
Now, we all have our own home and things are finally looking much better than they have, not that long ago. But, now we're struggling with just one income. So, I'm reawakening the connection with the English language, as well as, the passion to write that's always been within myself. Lastly, here I am to share it with the world and hopefully have this talent of mine help my family to exceed.
Thank you for your time! (:
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