Audrey Aba Dede Amoo

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By day, I work as a salesperson in a hardware shop, and by night and on weekends, I’m a word slinger who loves to craft compelling and thought-provoking content.
With my certificate in content marketing and seven years of experience as a salesperson, I have the right combination of content marketing strategies and a better understanding of identifying and providing customers with the services they want.
Before I decided to take on writing as a career, for about a year I kept researching and sharing my findings on health-related issues with most of my contacts.
My advocate personality obliges me to help people as much as I could.
Because of my science laboratory background, I deemed it necessary to share my knowledge on health issues, as a way of showing my kindness to those who might benefit from it.
To better hone my scribing skills, I took a course in content marketing.
I’m now equipped with content marketing, content management, copywriting, and writing skills.
I create easy-to-read and comprehensive content that engages your target audience, thereby driving leads and boosting your conversions.
Hiring a copywriter like me or any good writer would afford you time to focus on other important aspects of your marketing strategy, thereby growing your business exponentially without too many headaches.
I really look forward to working with you.
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Accra Technical University , Diploma in Science Laboratory
University of California, Davis Extension, Coursera, certificate
Accra, Ghana|English

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