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The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes. -- Andre Gide

If writing in specific mediums is like flexing a muscle, I like to think of myself as a body builder. With coursework and work experience involving content creation, content strategy, technical writing, and more, it's hard not to be. But who am I? A human, first and foremost. A relatable, adaptable, well-rounded human. I consider my style of writing to be flexible: straightforward and professional when it needs to be, expressive and imaginative when it doesn't. I always try to bridge my love for creative flair with the world of professional, technical, and business writing environments. With years of experience communicating, writing, and creating content across a plethora of forums, I can promise you satisfaction in the content I create for you. I am, after all, one heck of a human who loves to write. Check out my writing samples and Resume to see if I'm the right writer for you!
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University of Rhode Island, Writing & Rhetoric; Classical Civilizations Studies
The Citadel Graduate College, Master's in Business Administration
Myrtle Beach, SC, USA|English

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CMU Students Prototype a VR World with Amazon Alexa
March, 30 2017
CAPSTONE PROJECT, Carp's Corrections.docx
In the Hall of the Mad-God

Second book in the series to follow "Caught in the After-Wake."

May, 31 2016

A war against a clone race called Deviants rages. Pitted against them and a deadly virus, humans are all but extinct. They live in secret, walled-in cities for protection, and only Exteriors, agents operating above the law, are allowed outside. A team is sent into the decimated Washington D.C. to evaluate its potential for recolonization. They find survivors, but not all of them are as they seem.

December, 9 2013
Caught in the After-Wake

F. Tucker, known as Effie or Tuck to her group, is a survivor of a mass genocide in the distant future. She wakes up in a hospital with no memories to reclaim her lost past, only the knowledge that a rare, incurable heart condition renders her somewhat sickly. She makes her way into the world alone in a futuristic New York City with only an Electronically Composed Humanoid Operative, an artificially intelligent supercomputer that she nicknames Echo, to guide her. However, it soon becomes apparent that the alien race responsible for the genocide is out for blood, and she is forced to escape the lonely city-station only to discover she is not the only survivor, as she had previously thought. Over the course of her travels, she realizes that the society she'd once thought broken, but not dead, is actually gone forever and that the only way to move forward is to adapt and assimilate to the new culture as best she can. The catch? Those humans she meets in her travels seem to know an awful lot more about her than she thinks should be possible, and others have even been tasked with killing Effie for reasons she doesn't quite understand. Can Effie adjust to this new society, or will it just end in heartbreak and suffering?

January, 20 2014
Comparative Syncretism of Fatalism and Other Religious Aspects between Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Mesopotamia

This Senior Capstone (1 of 2) evaluates the syncretic relationship between religion and fatalism in ancient Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. The research was compiled during an independent study class.

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