Ayana Underwood

Copy Editor, Writer

Comics are for everyone; I make sure of it!

Ayana is a comics and graphic novel analyst. She believes that comic books are a storytelling medium that shouldn't be deemed as juvenile, because most comics comment on and present very mature themes. After reading a comic, she goes on to explain the significance of the major themes presented within the story.

Her work can be found on "Black Girl Nerds," "Do You Even Comic Book?!," "Women Write About Comics," and on her own blog, "ComixBawse."

Ayana is skilled in conducting interviews and transcribing them into article format. She has experience writing both comic and film reviews. She also has copyediting and SEO optimization experience.

This fall she will be beginning her M.S. degree program in Publishing at Pace University in New York City. Her goal is to one day own a publishing house that is dedicated to publishing comics that spark discussions about sexual politics, race, gender, and sexuality.

In her spare time, she likes to cosplay her favorite comic book, movie, and anime characters! She also enjoys crafting the perfect Instagram caption to go with each photo!
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Pace University , M.S. Publishing
Duquesne University , B.S. Chemistry
New York, IA USA|English

Published Content

Book Beat: TPL’s Public Book, William Blake, and YA Dick Soap

I acted as the primary copy editor for this piece that explained the latest book news for the week of August 12, 2018.

August, 16 2018
BGN Op-Ed: The Hypersexualization of Black Women Doesn’t have to be a Thing

In this graphic novel analysis, I explore the events that take place in Saga and explain how they depict the racial tension we're currently seeing in America and the perception of Black women in media.

September, 7 2017
Blog Post
‘Persepolis’ – Women Under The Male Gaze: Can Gender Constructs Ever Be Escaped?

In this graphic novel analysis, I explore both the male gaze and gender roles in Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical graphic novel memoir.

January, 22 2018
‘Beat Shazam’ Season 2 Features Foxx Father-Daughter Duo

I spoke to Corinne about her role as the newest DJ on the musical game show Beat Shazam.

May, 21 2018
Jamila Rowser Honors Black Women and Their Hair in Wash Day

I interviewed comics writer, Jamila Roswer, about her first comic titled "Wash Day" where she explores the beauty of natural hair. I chose to conduct this interview because it's relevant to Black culture; many Black women are embracing their kinky hair in this so-called "Natural Hair Movement."

May, 2 2018
We Attract Our Mirror Image – An Exploration of the Law of Attraction in Anya’s Ghost

In this analysis, I explain the how universal principle, The Law of Attraction, presents itself in the graphic novel, Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol.

July, 13 2018
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