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A quality-driven writer with an eye for detail.

After more than 2 years of playing with words, I believe writing is something that comes naturally to me. It has been a part of my personal life via poems, prose, and stories. And now, it guides my professional life via articles, blog posts, SEO, content writing, video scripts, creative advertising, and copywriting.

In my eyes, any content is only as valuable as the time people take to read it. So, my dream as a writer is to always try to achieve a perfect balance between the following 3 central goals:

• Provide value to people and give them something beautiful to truly connect with
• Provide value to businesses by helping them deeply engage with their target audience
• Provide value to small communities and society at large for the betterment of everyone

I believe the reason why a lot of businesses fail is not because they don't have enough qualified employees, but because they treat their target audience as "customers" before treating them as "human beings."

My content is different. I write for people before writing for search engines. Being a poet at heart and a philosophy-enthusiast, I have learned to be a great listener. And this quality of mine, combined with being empathetic, is what allows me to genuinely understand people and their needs.

I'm confident that my words have the potential to truly make your customers want to engage with you and gain trust in your brand, with plenty of motivation to remain loyal. Your brilliant business idea deserves a brilliant story. Start here.
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