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Become Your Own Boss and Learn To Multiply Your Money

If I could speak to my younger self in a letter it would read, "Learn the rules of owning a business and managing your money. Practice a life free of debt and teach others from a path you can show works." After 30 years of working from dusk to burn out with an unused college degree extra hours were put in to help pay the cost, I lost everything 30 years afforded except an abundant amount of debt. Never taught to quit, I struggled to find the fight for my right to keep going, learning, and growing. Fast forward 2 years, I am better than I was, but the fight continues with renewed purpose ignited in self-forgiveness, motivation, desire, and courage. If I could encourage my younger self in that letter, I would close it by saying, "Don't wait. Begin today. Start emerging from where you are and get ready to meet your future self".
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University of Phoenix, Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice Administration

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