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Each line I draw or paint, each word I write, describes a precious moment in my life as an artist and as a person. The interplay with materials is a visual diary of my life experience and my contemplative journey. Most fascinating are the passages which remain visible and those that disappear through the many forces beyond our control.

My art and writing career began when I was a young girl with a zealous imagination. I would draw in the sand and think of stories to pass the time. Presently I live on the coast of North Carolina and continue my pursuits in the Arts and Writing.

My art has been described as inventive, caustic, and provocative. In the quiet pursuit of my exploration of life via art, there are implied answers about the nature of art, the boundaries between life and art, and the necessity of exploring those boundaries. This has allowed me to move from conventional painting methods into experimental materials and a fascination with found objects helps connect me to the world around me and the interactions I experience each day. It is the ‘spirit’ of art that I am more interested in than style. The process itself of drawing, layering, and watching are the moments where I immerse myself in what I am creating. This is what brings me to the joyful, timeless place-free from outcome for any project both written and visual. It is a challenging, ever present balancing act between quality control, compulsive thoughts, dreaming, construction, movement, fullness and emptiness. I especially enjoy incorporating the use of Gold Leaf with my latest works. I studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. I derive inspiration (and feel they are my mentors) from artists such as: Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci, and Pablo Picasso.

Art Memberships:
National Association of Women Artists
b2zone magazine
Wilmington Art Association
Allied Artist of America, Inc.
Artworks Fine Gallery
Saatchi Art Gallery
Colors of Humanity
Blue Moon Gallery
The Artists Network

Featured Art Work:
National Association of Women’s Artists, NY
*Featured in the NAWA New Artist Gallery Exhibition 2016
*Featured in the NAWA Ev(e)olution VII - ONWARD! exhibition, March 2017
*Featured in the NAWA 128th Annual Members' Exhibition 2017
*Featured in the NAWA Art Angels Exhibition 2017
Blue Moon Gallery, Wilmington, NC
Boundless Gallery
Artworks Fine Art Gallery
Colors of Humanity Art Gallery
Saatchi Art Gallery
International Emerging Artists
Spectrum Miami Art Festival
*Featured in b2zone magazine 2/2017
*Featured in Inspiration Art Book, Vol. 5, 2017
*Featured in Inspiration Art Book, Vol.6, 2018
Art Book Publications

Featured in Inspiration: International Art Book, Contemporary Masters Collection 2017
Art Book Publications 2

Featured in Inspiration: International Art Book, Contemporary Masters Collection 2018

Published Works:

Justice Repaid – (Crime Drama), Amazon and Kindle, ebook Justice Repaid is a novel set in California, is a crime/love story drama set in lyric pose. Like all action novels, Justice Repaid envelopes all that is special about the region and its people; loyalty, love and remembrance. Justice Repaid describes the heart-wrenching effects of lost love yet portrays the triumphs of self-discovery. This novel has a unique and rewarding twist of fate that leaves the reader waiting for the next turn of events.

Voices – (Thriller), Amazon and Kindle, ebook Voices is a thriller of which sets a small town in turmoil as young children are falling victim to a disease. The search for answers brings one young woman into the throes of suspense as she helps search for a cure and reason behind the danger.

Sensual Loving Desires – (Collection of romantic & love stories/poems), Kindle, ebook

The Colors of Life - "Surround Me With Your Presence" (poem anthology)
Invoking The Muse - "Fairy Tale Wishes" (poem anthology)
A Surrender To The Moon - "Destiny Once Unclaimed" (poem anthology)

Several books are presently in progress.

My Designer Line
Artist Ambassador with SHOPVIDA!
I am now an Artist Ambassador at VIDA designs which means some of my artwork is now on apparel, handbags/totes, home goods, and accessories. To view/order the link is:

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