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My Name is Badriah Ally for several years I have focused my career path and academic pursuits on Information Technology and completion My Bachelors Degree program with Unique Academy.
As a personal mission, I strive to empower and improve other’s outlook and life circumstances.
I consider myself an honest person. I can get on with my work most of the time, especially when I like the work I am doing. I am a reliable, self-motivated, confident and hard working person. I adapt well in different situations and enjoy a challenge. I always put my full effort into everything and do the task to the best of my ability. My attendance and punctuality have been good throughout my school and even outside.
I possess computer literacy, Communication competent and fluent in English and Kiswahili (speaking, writing and reading) skills. Additionally, my abilities extend to customer service and communication with proficiency in teamwork.
Working with people from diverse backgrounds has provided me with a deep understanding and awareness of differences in both individuals and organizations.
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Unique Acadey, Bachelors Degree In Information Technology
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania|Languages

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