Bar Levi

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General, content, and report writer in English and Hebrew

Hello, my name is Bar Levi.
I am an Israeli citizen and currently pursuing a degree in English literature, and English teaching.
I have been teaching English over many communities in Israel for the past 3 years.
Obviously, I am also very good at Hebrew, and I have alot of knowledge in the Hebrew grammar.
Right now I am a 2nd year student, but I have spare time and I would like to combine between my studies and my work here at "Clearvoice".
I also have a lot of exprience in writing (academic English and Hebrew), spelling, and grammar.

I would like to offer my skills to entrepreneurs worldwide in blog, content, report, and creative writing, in various subjects such as academics, religion, gaming reviews, and soccer reporting.

Right after my militaristic service I started to work in a company in Israel called "Wallstreet-English teaching corporation". It is a very successful company in Israel of English teaching which is currently employing hundreds of qualified teachers.
After a period of 6 months I quit my work over there because I wanted to pursue my degree in English literature and English teaching, so I found another job which I could work as a part time salesman without harming my studies.

2006-2012: Graduating at Ironi Hey High School in Haifa, full matriculation certificate with 30 points, Arabic and Robotics extended to 5 points

2013-2016: Militaristic service as man power planner in the air force, I was responsible for the division of soldiers into their desired and required duty, according to their skills.

2016-2018 : Working as a salesman in a convenience shop, and working as a corporate teacher in "Wallstreet" English corporation. On 2018 I have started pursuing my academic studies in English, and English teaching qualification from Gordon college in Haifa.
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Irony Hey, Haifa, Israel, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), elementary school- high school | Gordon- academic college for education.
Haifa, Israel|English, Hebrew

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