Barakat Adenike Sheriff

Content Strategist, Ghostwriter, Writer, Managing Editor

Freelance mental health writer and content marketing specialist.

My Name is Barakat Adenike Sheriff, and I'm a freelance mental health writer and content marketing specialist. My work has appeared in various publications, such as the Huffington Post, and I am passionate about wellness and educating people about mental health issues and how it affects our day to day lives. My articles are well researched, well written and easy to understand. Everything I write is properly optimized for search engines, I deliver work on time and communicate excellently.
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Published Content

Signs Employees Are Suffering From Depression And How Employers Can Help
May, 23 2017
How to Get Started With OCD Treatment
September, 26 2018
Beginner’s Guide to Psychodynamic Therapy
August, 13 2018
Holotropic Breathwork: Healing Through Psychedelic States
August, 31 2018
Blog Post
Barakat Sheriff: 7 Mental Health Tips For Entrepreneurs
July, 11 2017
How Meditation Can Help To Relieve Anxiety And Depression
August, 31 2017

Examined the effects of depression on employees and provided suggesttions on how employers can help.

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