Basil Siraad

Copywriter, Technical Writer, Writer

There is no wrong or right, just write.

I am a driven British A Level student with a goal to reach. It's no secret that writing is perhaps the most powerful tool known to man, if done correctly, any dream, hope and wish, can be achieved through this art. With this power of words and literature, any type of financial goal can be achieved. Personally, I would like to use my skills to forward the progression of clients, as I do believe this is essential for my future development in this ever accelerative online world. Currently in possession of an English Bachelorrete and projected to exceed at A Level, I intend to utilise my practition to the fullest extent for the benefit of potential clients, in order to prove to myself that I can perform on the big stage, as indeed, I desire a higher medium through which to express my potential. I work tirelessly until absolute perfection is achieved for clients. I bring results.
Content Types
Product Description, Case Study, Commercial, Buyers Guide, Whitepaper, Checklist, Blog Post, Email Newsletter
More Information
Denbigh Secondary School, Luton Sixth Form College, EBac, AS Level, GCSE.
London, UK|Arabic, French

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