Ben Putano

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Writer, Managing Editor

Journalist and content marketer focused on technology and startups.

Today's most interesting stories come from the startup world. I love working with small, scrappy companies to find their wider audience through content marketing. I also report on industry news, trends, and insights. Urbanism, history, and food & drink are my side hustles.
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Blog Post, Case Study, Infographic, Infographic Copy, Whitepaper, Ebook
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Kent State University, Communications

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3 Tactics to Improve Your Inventory Turn Rate
February, 28 2019
Smart Appliances: The Next Hot Apartment Amenity?
March, 8 2019
Blog Post
5 Ways IoT Changes the Game for Multifamily Facilities
October, 15 2018
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Ebook: Fundamentals of Big Data Architecture (Yotabites)
July, 16 2018
PDF upload
Report: 5 Smart Apartment Trends for 2019
February, 20 2019
Blog Post
2019 Sales Trends for Auto Dealers
December, 5 2018
Blog Post
Auto Sales Trends and Outlooks: February 2019
January, 31 2019
Blog Post
Smart Building Data: 7 Real Use Cases for Multifamily
January, 25 2019
Blog Post
Aparthotels: How Far Will Multifamily and Hospitality Converge?
February, 13 2019
Blog Post
CES 2019 Roundup: Smart Multifamily Tech Has Breakout Year
January, 16 2019
Blog Post
5 Apartment Buildings with Amazing Coworking Spaces
January, 11 2019
Blog Post
Next Generation Virtualization: The Converged Datacenter
August, 7 2018
Top 6 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tools To Make Your Life Easier
January, 5 2018
CI/CD Tools Throwdown: Jenkins vs. TeamCity vs. Bamboo
February, 3 2018
Top 10 Java Blogs for Programmers of All Levels
October, 14 2017
Top Kubernetes Tutorials & Resources for Developers of All Levels
April, 5 2018
What is Kubernetes? A Guide to Container Orchestration
March, 5 2018
7 Kubernetes Tools to Expand Your Container Architecture
March, 6 2018
State of the Union of Microservices and Containers
February, 27 2018
How High-Performing Teams ‘Shift Left’ with Continuous Testing
February, 22 2018
PR Predictions for Developer Tools in 2018
March, 14 2018
What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?
December, 27 2017
4 Myths of Starting a Successful Coworking Space
November, 1 2017
Top Deployment Tools for 2018
March, 22 2018
Website Copy web copy
5 Principles of Big Data Architecture
Most Popular and Influential Programming Languages of 2018
December, 18 2017
Why Cities Need Shared Workspaces Now More Than Ever
November, 14 2017
A Developer’s Guide to Cloud Adoption and Paths
March, 27 2018
Cryptocurrency News: Top Trends, Outlets, and Journalists- Q1 2018
February, 1 2018
Know Your Cloud: 7 Lessons for Maximizing Cloud Capabilities
April, 2 2018
If you are a developer who uses containers, chances are …
March, 28 2018
4 Metrics to Monitor When Scaling Up and Down in the Cloud
April, 9 2018
How to Take a Strategic Approach to Big Data Architecture
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