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Journalist and content marketer focused on technology and startups.

Today's most interesting stories come from the startup world. I love working with small, scrappy companies to find their wider audience through content marketing. I also report on industry news, trends, and insights. Urbanism, history, and food & drink are my side hustles.
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Kent State University, Communications

Urbanism and Economic Development

Blog Post
5 Ways Multifamily Developers Can Embrace Mobility as a Service
December 14, 2018
Blog Post
Mobility-as-a-Service: What Do Multifamily Developers Have to Gain?
December 7, 2018
Blog Post
Multifamily Developers and the Future of Transportation
November 29, 2018
Blog Post
KC won’t be the next Austin, But It Could Still Be the Next Big Thing
May 3, 2019

Published Content

Blog Post
Blog Post
How to Build a Better Dealership Website in 3 Steps
March 7, 2019
Lead Pirates: How 3rd Party Lead Providers Screw Dealers Over
April 30, 2019
How to Choose Smart Access Control System for Multifamily
May 7, 2019
Blog Post
3 Tactics to Improve Your Inventory Turn Rate
February 28, 2019
The Lean Dealership: A New Framework for Independent Dealers
March 4, 2019
SDLC Phases: Identify Current Problems
December 8, 2017
Fundamentals of the CD/CI Pipeline
February 13, 2018
5 Step Guide to Online Advertising for Small Dealerships
September 24, 2018
Inventory Data: The Secret Weapon of Successful Dealerships
December 10, 2018
Java vs. Python: Coding Battle Royale
June 12, 2018
3 Types of PHP Profilers and Why You Need All of Them
July 19, 2018
Proven Steps to Achieving Deployment Success
January 19, 2018
10 Reasons Why You Need a Smart Apartment Operating System
March 29, 2019
Smart Student Living: 4 Ways Homebase Improves Campus Housing
March 22, 2019
Ecobee vs. Nest vs. Honeywell: Smart Thermostats for Multifamily
April 26, 2019
Property-Wide Wifi for Multifamily: 6 Questions To Ask Providers
April 19, 2019
Is Luxer One the Right Smart Package Locker for Your Property?
April 12, 2019
3 Tactics to Improve Your Inventory Turn Rate
February 28, 2019
Smart Appliances: The Next Hot Apartment Amenity?
March 8, 2019
Blog Post
5 Ways IoT Changes the Game for Multifamily Facilities
October 15, 2018
PDF upload
Ebook: Fundamentals of Big Data Architecture (Yotabites)
July 16, 2018
PDF upload
Report: 5 Smart Apartment Trends for 2019
February 20, 2019
Blog Post
2019 Sales Trends for Auto Dealers
December 5, 2018
Blog Post
Auto Sales Trends and Outlooks: February 2019
January 31, 2019
Blog Post
Smart Building Data: 7 Real Use Cases for Multifamily
January 25, 2019
Blog Post
Aparthotels: How Far Will Multifamily and Hospitality Converge?
February 13, 2019
Blog Post
CES 2019 Roundup: Smart Multifamily Tech Has Breakout Year
January 16, 2019
Blog Post
5 Apartment Buildings with Amazing Coworking Spaces
January 11, 2019
Blog Post
Next Generation Virtualization: The Converged Datacenter
August 7, 2018
Top 6 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tools To Make Your Life Easier
January 5, 2018
CI/CD Tools Throwdown: Jenkins vs. TeamCity vs. Bamboo
February 3, 2018
Top 10 Java Blogs for Programmers of All Levels
October 14, 2017
Top Kubernetes Tutorials & Resources for Developers of All Levels
April 5, 2018
What is Kubernetes? A Guide to Container Orchestration
March 5, 2018
7 Kubernetes Tools to Expand Your Container Architecture
March 6, 2018
State of the Union of Microservices and Containers
February 27, 2018
How High-Performing Teams ‘Shift Left’ with Continuous Testing
February 22, 2018
PR Predictions for Developer Tools in 2018
March 14, 2018
What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?
December 27, 2017
4 Myths of Starting a Successful Coworking Space
November 1, 2017
Top Deployment Tools for 2018
March 22, 2018
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5 Principles of Big Data Architecture
Most Popular and Influential Programming Languages of 2018
December 18, 2017
Why Cities Need Shared Workspaces Now More Than Ever
November 14, 2017
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