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Selah Nixonis an event planner, journalist and freelance writer. Most of her freelance work was ghostwriting she completed for a previous company. She loves travelling, shopping, reading, writing, art and exotic foods. Selahs favorite island of the Bahamas is New Providence, she rates Texas as the top western destination and her favorite subjects are social studies and psychology.
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Omega University, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

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Press Release
Culinary Education Will be Featured on "In America" with Host James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones, host of 'In America', talks about the culinary industry.

January, 14 2015
How To Combine Nutrition and Estrogen To Boost Test Levels

How many men know they contain estrogen in their bodies Read more to find out the nutritious way to balance your estrogen levels.

October, 26 2013
The Expert Way To Store Cheap Wine & Expensive Wine

Don't store your wine in a cupboard. Find out the best ways to store wine in this article.

February, 23 2015
The Best Ways to Utilize Veterans Mortgages

Veterans can discover the benefits of a special mortgage just for them.

October, 31 2013
25 Clever Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

If you are trying to lower your cholesterol these tips should prove beneficial.
The Many Benefits Of Effective Packaging (For Any Company!)

Get your business up and running with effective packaging.

April, 16 2015
5 Reasons You’ll Love Eating at L’Amore Italian Restaurant

Experience fine dining at one of Phoenix Arizona's best Italian restaurants.

May, 24 2016
7 Ways Men Can Boost Their Physical & Mental Health

This article describes how men can stay healthy through homeopathy .

January, 20 2015
Case Study
An Evening with Eva Schloss

After doing research about the holocaust I decided to attend this event to find out first hand about the holocaust from a survivor - Eva Schloss.

February, 9 2017
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