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<p>Herbert (Bert) Knabe Jr. is a blogger specializing in online security, privacy and intellectual property. He has long been a fan of Apple computers and occasionally writes on their products. Online since the mid &#39;80s, he has been blogging on a variety of topics including U.S. policy and online privacy/security since 2005.</p><p>He has twenty years experience in the newspaper industry, initially as a production artist, then as a computer technician supporting content producers. This experience gives him a strong understanding of graphic production for print and web.</p><p>Photography has long been a passion of Bert&#39;s, and he was honored to have a photo included in the PDF version of the 2011 Plus One Collection. He specializes in cell and smart phone photography. </p><p>Bert lives and goes to church in Lubbock, Texas with his wife of twenty+ years and their five children.</p>

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