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22 year old beach bum learning to adult in the big city.

My name's Beth. A lot has been happening in my 22nd year; I have graduated from university with honours, secured a PhD position in the field of oncofertility, applied for scholarships, was rejected from scholarships, accepted for a scholarship, searched for rooms to sub-let in Sydney, found an apartment in Coogee with 'character' (cockroaches), started my PhD, realised that I find mice too cute to euthanise, withdrew from my PhD, came back to my parents' place and threw my mum a 50th birthday (complete with topless/bottomless waiter and sex toy demonstrations), applied for jobs, had an interview, and now face the prospect of a full time position in an IVF laboratory. It's been a wild ride and I've learnt a lot (they don't teach you these things at uni!). I am passionate about scientific developments, especially in the field of reproductive health and in particular infertility, but also have a love of health, beauty, fitness, books and trashy tv (who wants to watch a documentary after a long day in the lab?!). Writing has always been my passion, and I would love an outlet for this in which I could express my experience and give others in my position some guidance (or perhaps some examples of what not to do)..
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