Betheny Powell

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Master's student with +5 years of content writing experience.

I am Betheny Powell but more importantly, I'm an explorer, writer, ​and volunteer.

I’m an explorer. I enjoy being outside in nature lost in the woods letting the serenity take control of my creativity. I’ve traveled to the ancient lands of Greece and seen the festive side of Mexico. Canada is my next destination. I am planning to go there in the summer of 2020.

I am a writer. Writing has been a hobby of mine since I was a wee little one. I use to create elaborate imaginary worlds and strange species who inhabited them. I would write down lore of the land, and biographies on those within it; both good and bad. Now that I’m older I still have that wildfire​ imagination that can only be truly unleashed by the written word.

I am a Volunteer. I enjoy helping my community and become part of something bigger than myself. I volunteer at the soup kitchen, ASPCA, and teen shelters. I also give blood and platelets religiously every 60 days (or less depending on the donation). Why do I give blood? Its because my mother is in the final stages of kidney failure and I feel that someone gave their blood to help my mom who has dialysis three times a week and a way that I can show I am grateful is by donating my own blood back.
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Full Sail Univeristy, Bachelor's in Game Design (August 2016)
Full Sail Univeristy, Master's in Creative Writing (Pending 2020)
Herndon, VA USA|English

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Blog Post
Last Hope: Sector 3 of the Milky Way

This is a science fiction flash fiction about an alien abduction gone wrong. There is the ​lore of the species​ mentioned in the flash fiction, and historical​ knowledge​​is given to explain the turning point of the story.

June 5th, 2019
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