Beverly Bowman

Content Strategist

I m an inspirational/self improvement writer

I believe words are powerful. Whatever thoughts you think about yourself has a lot to do with who you are.
Whatever we are saying to ourselves has a lot to do with how the world sees us. When you think negative thoughts. People see you
as being depressed, uninteresting, not sure of yourself. When we have positive thoughts. We are energized, we feel strong, intelligent, confident, and happy. That's how I think of myself strong, intelligent, and confident. I believe in spreading that confidence through words. Being able to inspire people is very important to me. There are a lot of hurting people out there. Through my words, I can uplift, encourage, inspire, get people talking, or even put a smile on someone's face. Then I know I am doing something right.
I am a person who does not take herself seriously. We were all born and we are all going to die. Everything good that happens in between that is a gift from God. I have always worked where helping others was my thing. I worked in healthcare for or then 15 years. I still do private duty. I worked for a non-profit organization for at risk kids. I also worked with people who wre having a hard time finding employment.
I believe that laughter is they key to what ever ailes you. Laughter is like medicine. It heals the soul and the body too.
I make it my business never to go through a 24 hour day without putting a smile on someones face.
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