Bex Tuychiev

Ghostwriter, Technical Writer

Writing 'I wish I read this before' posts about topics hardest to understand

I have little dosages of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. This basically forces me to write every single detail I know about the topic I am writing. Reader's understanding is the main goal. I keep the level of my writing and technicality in the middle so that beginners don't get too intimidated and more experienced users don't get bored.

My writing career started out of complete failure. I wanted to get a full scholarship for my dream college which would be a huge financial help to my parents. I failed and this was a giant kick in the back to pursue paths that combined my skills in data science and my passions. Turns out I have a flair for explaining hard, technical topics to others. In the first month of joining Medium's Partner Program, I achieved Top Writer Status which takes years for others to accomplish.

Now, I want to try out myself on other platforms and help as much people as possible...
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International University of Westminster in Tashkent, BSc. in Business Information Systems

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