Bharath Uddandi

Developmental Editor

WLAN Firmware Engineer

Professional summary :
- Good knowledge on IEEE802.11 protocols and Expertise in C programming.
- Hands on experience in developing WLAN features in Firmware ,Firmware memory optimization
Linux WLAN applications and kernel modules.
- Familiar with Backports,ath9k,ath10k,LMAC,UMAC,11ac Offload Archi, Hostapd and WPA supplicant.
- Expertise in NL80211 WLAN stack,Char drivers,Kernel porting .
- Expertise in cross compiling linux Applications and Drivers to various platforms like imx6,
ARMv4, ARMv8(64bit) .
- Expertise in 11ac MU-MIMO, throughput validation and MSDU,AMSDU aggregation .
- Familiar with OS concepts and socket programming .
- Hands on experince in implementing windows IHV drivers.
- Strong development and debugging skills using popular IDEs/debuggers.
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jawaharlal nehru tech university , B-Tech
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India|English, Hindi, Telugu

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