Bill Boggess

Content Strategist, Copy Editor

Succinct and meaningful expression through the written word.

I am an educator, novelist, blogger and occasional public speaker but ultimately the label that suits me best is simply that of a writer.

As a novelist, I am entrenched in the written word and have spent years honing my craft to gradually develop a stylistic oeuvre and voice that differentiates my prose. Having been inspired by everyone from Hemmingway to Clive Barker and Stephen King, my fiction is heavily character-driven, divergent in its narrative aims, and fearless when confronting the taboo.

As an educator, I have learned to be a good editor, both in regards to the work of others and my own output. I’ve learned – through experience – the value of trimming the proverbial fat and slicing away those words, however beautifully composed they may seem, to create something that is more direct and impactful.

As a blogger, I’ve gradually gained insight into the admittedly mystifying algorithms of the Internet and have learned how to write engaging, playful, and eye-catching copy that can capture the attention of readers who quite literally have millions of options and possess attention spans that shift and flicker at the speed of their firing synapses.

Ultimately, there is little I can’t deliver using the written word. As much a wordsmith mercenary as a warrior-poet, I gain immense satisfaction from all forms of writing and place my entire self into any assignment to ensure both quality and polish.
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Blog Post, Commercial, Documentary, Video, Animation, Product Description, Script
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University of California Riverside, B.A. English
Chapman University , California Teaching Credential
Hemet, CA, USA|English

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