Bill Kleyman

Bill is an enthusiastic technologist with experience in data center design, management, and deployment. His architecture work includes large virtualization and cloud deployments as well as business network design and implementation. Bill enjoys writing, blogging, and educating colleagues around everything that is technology. During the day, Bill is the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at MTM Technologies, where he interacts with enterprise organizations and helps align IT strategies with direct business goals. Bill’s whitepapers, articles, video blogs and podcasts have been published and referenced on InformationWeek, NetworkComputing, TechTarget, DarkReading, Data Center Knowledge, CBS Interactive, Slashdot, and many others.

I've had the opportunity to work in various industries while in college and after graduation. As a corporate advisor at DeVry, Inc I was able travel around the Midwest advising campuses, students, and professors on enrollment, classes, and technologies that the school had to offer.

After graduating with my MBA, I had the opportunity to work as a technology consultant. There I was involved in the engineering and business aspects of the company. I met with C-level personnel and discussed ROI, detailed aspects of a given piece of technology, and other general business related items. I had the chance to manage a team of engineers, and move into a more business development role where I used my communication skills and my talents as an engineer to work directly with IT managers and directors. I truly enjoyed the experience I was able to gather there. At least once a week I was learning and playing with a new technology.

After working with great clients, I felt that I wanted to focus my experience on helping one organization grow. I came to World Wide Fittings with that goal and helped them manage their entire technology infrastructure, IT budgeting and reporting, and user education. At WWF I was able to be a self-driven person who set goals based on the company's needs. I was able to forecast projects, estimate returns on those projects, and really push the people that worked with me to excel. Within 3 years, I was able to cut costs by over 70%. I developed a structured IT department with reporting, budgeting, and growth in mind. After accomplishing the goals I had set out at World Wide Fittings, I felt it was time to re-immerse myself back into the technology field. I found, hired and trained my direct replacement thus properly transitioning the environment.

After joining MTM Technologies as a Cloud and Virtualization Architect - I now have the opportunity to directly influence the direction of our organization as their Vice President of Strategy and Innovation.

Outside of that - I enjoy writing, blogging and speaking on everything that is IT, Cloud, and Technology.
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