Bishal Mukherjee

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer, Managing Editor

Content Marketing Strategist & Obsessive Wordsmith.

Accomplished E-commerce, Digital Marketing & Customer Service specialist with a proven record of accomplishment in delivering consistent profit growth for business websites through high-quality traffic and sales conversion.

With a focus on maximizing client profitability through broad-ranging digital marketing strategies and onsite optimization, I have proven expertise in boosting conversions, attracting leads and followers through a wide range of off-page and on-page marketing methods. With extensive knowledge of the digital industry, I am able to engage diverse teams of specialists to deliver projects from across the digital marketing spectrum – SEO, PPC, Content, Social Media Management etc. – all aimed at conversion optimization.


• SEO Optimization
• Content Writing
• SEMrush, Moz, Ahref
• Google Webmaster & Keyword Planner
• Photoshop,
• Web Development
• Customer Service (Global)
• WordPress, Joomla • Social Media Marketing
• Email Marketing & PPC campaign
• Brand Reputation Management
• Metrics & Google Analytics
• Explainer Videos [Video Scribe]
• A/B Testing
• Strategic Planning
• CMS handling, Open Site Explorer

Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Checklist, Explainer Video, Graphic, Guide, Infographic, Infographic Copy, Interview, Landing Page, Presentation, Product Description, Social Copy, Social Card, Website Copy
More Information
Himalayan University, B.Com
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India|Bengali, English, Hindi

Published Content

Blog Post
Resume: Reinvent Yours To Get More Interview Offers -

Every job posting that you see needs you to post a resume. Well, in most cases, a resume is the first thing (alongside a Cover Letter) that the recruiter reviews when assessing your job application. With dozens of resumes received daily, a bland, unappealing, or poorly written resume would go unnoticed. And you don’t want that to happen!

August, 4 2018
Blog Post
Wondering How To Make Your CAREER PLAN Rock? Read This!

A guide for people who are yet to embark on a career path.

December, 10 2018
Effective digital marketing strategies for beginners
Digital Marketing as a profession in India: Scope and opportunities
Blog Post
The Unconventional Guide to Employees

A humorous take on the type of employees in offices.

August, 14 2018
Blog Post
Top Skills for your Professional Growth

Develop your skills.

August, 24 2018
Blog Post
The Dummies’ Guide to Facebook Business Pages

A guide on setting up Facebook business page and maximizing your business's reach.

August, 26 2018
Blog Post
Winning Tactics for Social Media Marketing [2018 Update]

How to make most of your Social Media Marketing initiatives.

September, 5 2018
Effective digital marketing strategies for beginners

As a beginner, you might wonder how to streamline your digital marketing initiatives. This article will help you craft your strategy.

August, 13 2018
Digital Marketing as a profession in India: Scope and opportunities

Talking about the scope of Digital Marketing as a career in India.

July, 5 2018
Explainer Video
MarCierge Digital

Multiple explainer videos
Blog Post
Local SEO Keywords: This Is What You Need To Do

With mobile searches hitting all time high, search engines are looking to put more and more local businesses in their results. If you are someone who has been a part of the digital marketing scene for some time now, I guess you are well aware of the fact that the local online marketing industry is consistently changing.
Build a remarkable website? Get there with on page SEO

In today’s competitive world, SEO is not just something you need. It is a pivotal part of any successful marketing strategy. A quick Google search would help you easily understand what SEO means. Every webmaster who works on SEO ensures that the project or website undergoes regular SEO updates. Hence, SEO check-up of a website is a task that multitudes of webmasters perform daily.
Off Page SEO techniques to rule SERP in 2018

f you have been reading my blogs, you might have noticed that these days I’m talking a lot about SEO techniques. There are two different Search Engine Optimization techniques that one can use to improve traffic to a website – the on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Every move made by SEO experts are aimed at achieving a high-rank placement in the search engine results page (SERP) for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon etc.
Facebook- mind boggling stats that you need to know in 2018

An infographic on the Social Media Trends of 2018.
Blog Post

Have you ever heard about YouTube SEO? Are you aware of the algorithm for YouTube? Do you need more likes, shares, and subscribes for your YouTube channel? In this article, we are going to talk about optimizing any YouTube channel using SEO keywords. In the world of search engine ranking pages (SERP), keyword is Heimdall, the gatekeeper! Since, YouTube as a platform, is visual-friendly, there are various factors that Google looks into when it comes to rank your video content.
The Components of Effective Communication

No, this isn't another of those effective communication articles or something on the importance of effective communication skills ! Instead, I thought of making an easy to remember infographic. Download a copy of this to keep handy :)
Blog Post
Social Media Platforms – all you need to know guide (2018 update)

When it comes to social media marketing, the available platforms are many. In today’s world, if your business does not exist on social media, does it exist at all? A quick search on the web should fetch you hundreds of suggestions on social media strategy. This handy guide gives you everything you need to up your social media strategy in 2018.
Blog Post
Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business

Digital is the word these days. The number of internet users in India is at an ever-increasing rate, varying by category and users. Your business needs to be prepared to face this exponential growth. We are in the midst of a digital revolution and your business needs to hold ground. Read the blog to learn how digital marketing helps SME's.
Blog Post
How To Communicate Effectively At Work Place

Communication is the key to any successful endeavour. Most employees do not perform well because of lack of communication within the workplace. Like any other skill, communication too is a skill. Read this blog to understand how you can enhance your communication skills.

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