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Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku worked with a newsmagazine first as staff, then as senior writer. He is published locally (Daily Independent, ThisDay, Pointer-on-Saturday, TELL Magazine, The Guardian, The Nigerian Observer and Vanguard) and internationally by Associated Content, Equatorial Press, The German Kulturaustausch, Nigeriansinamerica and South Africa’s Urban Green File. Bob has written some literary critiques and was also a SAT/TOEFL/Advanced Level Literature-in-English tutor. Bob runs his own media and publishing agency, Bob MajiriOghene Communications, and has a collection of short stories Deep Sighs, an anthology of poems, Tears for a Birthday& Other Poems, SAT/TOEFL Essays: lesson notes, questions & Answers, and Mamud & the Moringa Tree. His other manuscripts include an anthology, ‘I want to lick my Ukodo & other Poems’. Bob was office manager with the law firm of Jackson, Kargbo & Associates, is on the board of Civil Empowerment & Rule of Law Support Initiative, CERLSI. He analyses public policy relating to volatile areas of the Niger Delta and conflict management and resolution, contributes op-ed articles for many mainstream and online newsmagazines and newspapers. Bob wrote a weekly column with a national newspaper, The Independent,, and his article on homelessness in Nigeria was published in the Summer Issue 2016 of the World Policy Institute: HTTPS://MUSE.JHU.EDU/ARTICLE/621199.
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Welcome to Bob MajiriOghene may we help you? | Bob MajiriOghene Communications | Sustainable development, Bob, Sustainability
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Keys to Cloud Computing | Bob MajiriOghene Communications | Home appliances, Appliances, Cloud computing

The Cloud - and its keys.
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Monies from Africa to Europe every 12months | Bob MajiriOghene Communications | Store, Sustainable development, Packing

Asset recovery is one of the sexiest topic in Africa today...and that's because of this.
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Four Pillars of stolen Asset Recovery. Copyright Bob MajiriOghene Communications, Nigeria | Bob MajiriOghene Communications | Bob, Sustainable development, Store

Monies stolen from Africa is in the billions. To understand how it goes and how to stimulate discussion around Asset Recovery, here are four pillars
My amygdala and me

Some people say you are stressed out mostly because you overthink. Ever wondered about it that the cause of your stress is induced by ‘too much’ thought?

March 21st, 2019
Why Nigeria open government partnership (OGP) seems to be floundering

Many reasons led to the disintegration of the open government partnership (OGP) in Nigeria. The first was with how practitioners understood the OGP itself. Many of them adduced its emergence to David Cameron’s 2016 London anti-corruption summit.

March 11th, 2019
Case Study
Pathways for Development Communicators

Pathways for Development Communicators, is a hands-on and professional perspective which makes it easy for any newcomer to find a way to handle the task of development communications and make a tremendous success of whatever the assignment is.

January 19th, 2019
General Video
A virtual tour through Goethe Institute Lagos
Gimme Shelter

Housing policy in Nigeria is generally skewed in favour of the rich. This article discusses its consequences

June 15th, 2016
The Hair

The Hair is a short story set at an airport in Europe. A terrorist explores the possibility of blowing up a plane, actually did blow up the plane with help from the airport officials. Heaven as promised him blows up in his face however.

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