Bojana Marjanovic

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Writer

''The voice of inner wisdom''

I am Bojana Marjanovic, the professor of Serbian language and literature per my vocation and content - writer and copywriter per my affinities. Besides experiences gained in work as the professor of my native language in the primary and secondary schools, I was also working as the teacher of English in the nursery schools as well as the promoter of German and French natural cosmetics in the pharmacies and perfumeries in Belgrade.
I have five years of working experience in educational institutions and three years of experience in direct sales primarily of products for women skin and hair care.
I speak English fluently, have a high level of proficiency in working on the computer. Also, I am certificated internet marketing specialist, focusing on the next realm: copywriting, SEO, e-mail marketing, content writing, product description.
Furthermore, I have often been interested in the fields of sales, marketing and psychology so that I have decided to merge these interests into two very similar jobs - Content- writer and Copywriter.
Nowadays, I am the professional writer who has been writing the diverse type of texts, according to my clients' needs, almost three years. I am going to attach a few samples of my articles and sales pages to my portfolio on this platform.
If you need the diligent person, immensely dedicated to working, always going int details, you are in the right place. I am the creative and imaginative content writer and copywriter who specialize in Self-Improvement and Beauty niche - skin and hair care and produce articles, blog posts, website copies and sales pages.
What contributes to my unique style of writing is a striking join of warm, sincere emotions on the one hand and the remarkable sense of the analytic approach to each topic, on the other.
I do love to write to people who need my help and tips. I feel as if they authorize me to peep freely into their soul, through my words, emotions as well thoughts.
Whatever could be an inner torment for my clients, primarily I offer them the complete insight into the diverse range of the causes that have affected the problem's development. Also, I indicate most likely factors that have influenced problems to escalate as well as the various and numerous proposals for my clients how to resolve any personal and interpersonal hassles successfully.
My distinctive writing style includes next issues:

1. The practical side of life
2. Utility
3. Purpose
4. Analysis
5. Emotions
6. Empathy
It implies that every sample of my writing unites all of these factors. When writing, my priority is to create high-quality content, mighty and alluring, but primarily designed of assisting clients to attain their specified goals:

1. To upgrade and transform their personality and lifestyle by learning and adopting the new methods and life hacks;
2. To resolve personal problems;
3.To complete their knowledge, education, abilities;
4. To improve their communication with other people;
5. To thrive in career, love, health;
6. To strengthen their self-esteem and self-respect;
7. To reach entire self - actualization;
8. To sell their products and services, establishing the network of their reliable and loyal buyers;
9. To run and maintain thriving business;
10. To embellish their natural look and beauty and meet many innovative tips on this matter

Undoubtedly, to implement such an extensive work, it is necessary to render thorough research for each topic separately, which gives the writing specific profundity and irresistible enticement so that my clients are compelled to read the whole text.

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Article, Blog Post, Presentation, Website Copy
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Business perfection, in Belgrade, Certificate of internet marketing specialist - copywriting, SEO, content marketing, E-mail marketing
Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Master of Serbian language and literature
Belgrade, Serbia|English, Serbian

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