Harry Goldberg

Well Chosen Words

Writing and Speaking Services for Businesses, Non-Profits, and Individuals

Over the course of a successful 40+ year career, I have developed a critical core competency – writing. Whether creating a report, a proposal, a strategic plan or a speech, well chosen words are key.

This concept has led to the creation of Bon Mot, Inc, www.bonmot.us. Leveraging my experience in business, in the non-profit world, and personal practice, I can provide the words and help with the right delivery for any occasion.

Bon Mot works with businesses, non-profits, and individuals to bring the right words and the right delivery to any occasion. Speeches, presentations, business responses, grants, RFPs, and proposals require the right words. The right words require the right delivery to match the occasion, whether formal or informal, sympathetic or celebratory, verbal or written. Bon Mot provides the words and the “music” – the delivery background – to go with any writing or speaking requirement.
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