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Bradley Robbins is a tech, trade and travel writer with a lifetime of experience with North America, Europe and Japan. With over a decade of experience as a copywriter and blogger, "Scratchpad Brad" is back in the writing game after too many years in a cubicle slaving away as an overnight crisis expert. Catch him on Facebook or Twitter (@ScratchpadBrad).
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Writing About War – The Writing Cooperative
July, 18 2018
Blog Post
Does Your Company Make These 5 Link-Building Mistakes?

Almost every site online benefits from natural links to their content. Links help pages rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and show that site visitors are engaged with and willing to share information found on particular websites.

July, 3 2018
Blog Post
Spring Cleaning: Tackling the Tack and Storing the Stuff
May, 18 2018
Buyers Guide
What They Don’t Tell You About Japanese Housing Options
June, 21 2018
Blog Post
Guest Blogging Isn’t Dead: 5 Top Link-Building Myths Debunked
October, 18 2018
Is There Such a Thing as a Common-Law Divorce?
August, 11 2018
Writer Tool Chest: Developing Characters From Life Experience
July, 27 2018
Blog Post
The Promise and Pitfalls of Teaching English With Anecdotes
January, 16 2018
The Old Mission at Coeur d’Alene: Historic Multicultural Meeting Place
January, 9 2018
Obukucha (大福茶) - The Lucky Tea for a New Year
Find an In-Demand Job That Pays More - Some Without Degrees!
April, 3 2018
Accessible Vacation Destinations in the Hawkeye State
March, 8 2018
Cultural Sensitivity: Writing About Persons With Disabilities
June, 22 2018
Pat Anderson: The Michael Jordan of Wheelchair Basketball
July, 2 2018
Blurred Lines — Influence vs. Plagiarism – The Writing Cooperative
June, 30 2018
Hiroshima: Where Somber Remembrance Meets Sightseeing
July, 13 2018
5 Amazing Creatures Appearing in The Last Jedi
December, 19 2017
Star Wars: Five of the hottest hangouts in the galaxy
May, 4 2018
Solo: A Star Wars Story Funko Pops reveal secret spoilers from film
March, 26 2018
Millennium Falcon: The fastest hunk of junk in Solo: A Star Wars Story
February, 7 2018
Star Wars history: Mandalorian culture is vital within a galaxy far, far away
May, 2 2018
Four things wrong (and five things right) With Solo
August, 27 2018
Star Wars memorabilia: Preserving and displaying your collection
March, 8 2018
Star Wars: 15 top Hasbro toys from Toy Fair 2018
February, 21 2018
Five real-life heroes straight out of Star Wars
July, 12 2018
7 Top Han Solo moments from the legends
September, 17 2018
Star Wars ‘future’ technology that’s now a reality
March, 28 2018
Kylo Ren and Vader: Angst Leads to the Dark Side
July, 24 2018
Star Wars spotlight: The Hackers, or Slicers of the Star Wars galaxy
April, 19 2018
Three Smart Ways to Get Your Gaming Events Sponsored
April, 28 2018
Wall Street Kid Retro Review (NES)
October, 30 2018
I Learned How to Adult From ‘90s Teen TV Shows
December, 6 2017
Then and Now: Indies Revolutionizing Retro Genres
November, 28 2017
How AR and VR Can Change Things in 2018
January, 9 2018
Star Wars MMORPG: Isn’t it time for a new release?
March, 20 2018
Take Your ESports Team to the Next Level
April, 25 2018
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