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As a child, I could not put down my paper and pencil. I wanted to write. So naturally, I listened to my mom when she said, "What are you going to do until you get a real job?" and did something practical (teaching) with the hope that I would be able to devote some time to writing in my free time. Sadly, that has not happened - until recently. I started blogging at and I create content based on interactions I have with my children and all the fun, sloppy messes we make in the kitchen (or around the house). I have created newsletters for the Kirkwood High School Distance Learning program, written articles as a ghost writer for the Phi Delta Theta Iowa Beta Newsletter, and submitted grant applications on behalf of the Johnson STEAM Academy PTA. I also edit handbooks, presentations, and have a good understanding of video editing software and the YouTube editor.
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William Penn University, ESL
MidAmerica Nazarene University, Master's of Educational Technology
Central College, Elementary Education
Cedar Rapids, IA, USA|English

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Blog Post
Seashell Nails

Seashell nails is the story of manicures and pedicures provided by an 8 year old with a passion for all things bling and an insistence on doing things at the most inconvenient times.

October, 8 2018
The Best Gift

Wrapping up a gift in a package is easy. Wrapping up a gift in experience is much harder, but as a participant in Central College's Upward Bound program, I was given the most valuable gift ever: the gift of constantly learning.

July, 19 2018
Blog Post
To be or not to be?

Why do the food storage containers disappear and the lids multiply?

October, 23 2018
Adult Learners with Anxiety, Depression, or Both

This article describes how students, especially adult students, returning to school to earn their high school diploma often have difficulties with their mental health and what we, as educators, can do about it.

March, 25 2016
The Power of Exponential Growth

LinkedIn Article describing my experiences with the power of exponential growth.

August, 19 2018
Blog Post
The Migrant Caravan - An Immigrant's Perspective

A quick look at how the POTUS tweet is looked at through the lens of ESL students all in the US with varying visa types and their opinion of whether or not migrants should be allowed to enter the US.

December, 4 2018
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