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Hello, I am a blogger, a digital affiliate marketer, and a current university student. During the night or weekend, I am a blogger who loves helping online companies create content for their services and products. I have been blogging and editing content for 6 months now, and I have the right combination of editorial skills and digital affiliate marketing. My work is clean, concise and always on time. Most of my course mates at school usually called me a "TIME MANAGER GUY" because I usually managed my time wisely to do school work and private work like blogging.

I am passionate about words, language, grammar, punctuation, and style, and I been known to engage in writing very interesting articles in which it is fun to me and like a hobby.

My field of expertise include grammar,writing & editing,digital affiliate marketing,social media marketing.I create great content that engages audience around the globe online,drives massive traffic and boost conversions,and contributes to the profitability of the company.I am looking forward for the opportunity that you will provide to me!

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Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Bachelor of Technology for Communication
Lae, Papua New Guinea|English

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The importance of hauseman in the Kampalap society

I write blog content to promote the culture and lifestyle of Kampalap people in Papua New Guinea who live on an island so-called Siassi. The island is rich in flora and fauna, and it is one of the suitable destinations for tourism.

October, 17 2017
Blog Post
Quick Tips About The Benefit Of Starting Up A Local Company In Papua New Guinea

I write a post about starting up a local company in Papua New Guinea after big mining companies ceased operating on the local people's land.

February, 13 2018
Blog Post
How to make money online on G2A Goldmine platform?

I promote the G2A Goldmine program to the gamers by writing blog content and advertise their service and products to gamers online. Content is one of the powerful tools in which consumers are being pusuade to purchase their services and products.

July, 11 2018
Blog Post
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On How To Make Additional Income From Adf.Ly Online

I promote online programs through writing blog content and advertise their services to the publishers to join their program.

July, 11 2018
Blog Post
Quick Tips About Hostinger-The Fastest Website Hosting

I write blog content about web hosting to target online customers who want to create their e-commerce website and blog page using wordpress.

July, 11 2018

The content about this blog is about the culture and lifestyle of Kampalap people who lived on an island so-called Siassi in Papua New Guinea.It is one of the suitable destination for tourist in which the island has diversity of culture,environment and language. It is one of the ways to build tourism brand of the local restaurant and hotels to pursue their business games in the local setting from tourism.

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