Brendan Kruger

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Converting Ideas and Visions into Engaging, Eye Catching and Informative Expressions

Every idea or vision originates in the form of a thought. Unfortunately we do not have telepathic capabilities therefore every idea or vision requires expression when transference of these ideas and visions from one individual to another. Expression can be achieved by converting a persons idea or vision into either an image(Graphic Design) or Words(Writing).

I am an expert of converting ideas and visions into writing. I have a mechanical engineering background which often requires me to convert very complicated ideas to understandable words so that I may transfer my knowledge to another persons mind. This is very tricky indeed and requires ample thought and empathy during the former mentioned process.

Due to my adept English skills and ample experience in the research and development field, I am also able to learn and attain new information very efficiently and accurately.

Do not fear, I am not only driven by logic, I am also a poet that really enjoys stimulating my creative skills through converting emotion into words too.

Expression is the key
To changing perception of thee
Have trust in me
To unleash your dreams and set them free

Brendan Kruger
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University of Pretoria, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Johannesburg, South Africa|Afrikaans, English

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