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Why can't writing be simple?

You just came from your website and it looks gorgeous. The colours have been blended into a scrumptious delight and your audience is hungry, so here you are, searching for the final je ne sais quoi—a perfect maraschino cherry for you to top your cake. Today you have found it.

Your website doesn't just need writing, it needs flavourful writing; a piece capable of gripping your reader and not letting go. This is a need that we can fill together. With my proficiencies and your drive, we can make your readers mouth's water.

I am a writer who wears many hats. To some, I am a student of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour; to others, I have delivered them search engine optimized videos with a twist; the list goes on, but to you, I am a writer who has the ability to ignite passion within your reader's minds.

You know who I am, let's get working.
Content Types
Animation, Product Description, Website Copy, Ad/Promotional Copy, Article, Graphic
More Information
McMaster University, Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour
Toronto, Ontario |English

Sample Articles

A Marshmallow to Determine All

Holding this age-old study to the flame. A Marshmallow to Determine All is much denser than my learning style piece. While the other was fun and playful, my goal here was to make an approachable article that does not dilute its core academic tenants. You will find examples and metaphors used to explain potentially foreign topics, but primarily, this is academic psychology for the lay-person. Two different sample pieces, two different goals.

June, 2 2018
The Learning Style Lie

Exposing the misconceptions surrounding learning styles. My goal here was to facilitate an arena for unique thought. By presenting learning styles, first, in a manner through which most people can relate, then second, via a view shattering narrative, this piece has been crafted to swipe the rug of dogma out from below the reader, leaving them free to ponder. This respect for the reader's ability to generate opinions is what I hold central to my writing ethos.

May, 25 2018

Expository Essays

The Siren of Smartphone Addiction

An essay exploring the silent scourge of smartphone addiction.

April, 2 2018

YouTube Video Collection (Samples)

Explainer Video
YOU'RE TESTING WRONG - Standardized Test Tricks, Test Taking Tips, Test Taking Strategies

Outlining the first instinct bias, your silent nemesis. Click off to YouTube to watch the video.

June, 11 2017
Explainer Video
Overcoming Procrastination (Research Backed) - How to stop procrastinating right now, Psychology

Breaking down procrastination with facts and fun. Click off to YouTube to view the video.

July, 1 2017
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