Brian Sodoma

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Creative, versatile business, health, tech, home-design writer

Currently Arizona based, I have also lived in Las Vegas and have written about that city on national and local levels. I enjoy writing about health, business, real estate, technology as it influences daily life and humanity, psychology, the arts, as well as home and design. I bring newsroom experience and have written feature stories and personal profiles about leading business and political figures, too. I handle deadline pressure very well, communicate effectively with sources, clients and editors at all phases of a project, and am a good interviewer of sources, if that's needed.
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Article, Blog Post, Interview, Press Release, Website Copy, Product Description
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Northern Arizona University, Bachelor's of Science, English Education
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Master of Fine Arts, Screenwriting
Phoenix, AZ, USA|English, Slovak

Published Content

Pharmacogenetic testing another step toward more personalized health care
April, 18 2016
Can a single drop of blood reveal your risk for cancer, diabetes and other illnesses?
March, 16 2017
Business help homeowners sell and then buy
February, 27 2018
Number of retirees choosing Nevada increases
March, 27 2018
ASU researcher offers solution for early pancreatic cancer detection
April, 6 2017
ASU research aims for a future when medicine has no side effects
February, 17 2017
The Onboard Luxuries Helping Emirates Business Travelers Arrive Refreshed
June, 27 2017
ATM message catches problem gambler at right time, moves him toward change
March, 20 2018
Wall-mounting trend growing in home design

Removing clutter and bulky furniture from the floor drives trend to wall-mount furniture like vanities, toilets and more.

January, 20 2018
The Anatomy Of An Efficient Mobile Office

A look at the essential elements of a mobile office for communication, connection, printing and overall efficiency.

October, 5 2017
Here’s what you need to know about phase-out of A/C Freon

Older air conditioners running on freon are getting more expensive to fix with the phase-out of freon. Here's a look at what homeowners should do if faced with a repair dilemma.

August, 12 2017
7 Off-Strip Resorts That Mean Business In Las Vegas
April, 17 2017
Story From Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics: Important tips for using your fitness tracker

How to get the most out of your fitness tracker. Stats, capabilities and more.

January, 25 2017
How The Sharing Economy Is Changing Office Space As We Know It

Smaller spaces, co-working sites ... the sharing economy is putting its stamp on how commercial real estate is being marketed and leased.

May, 23 2016
Men struggle with eating disorders, too
January, 17 2016
Made In Detroit: The Story Behind The Motor City's Manufacturing Boom

While many still see Detroit as a down-and-out victim of the Great Recession, this story looks at the city's ability to transform itself.

June, 4 2015
Inside The Battle Over Illegal Streaming Sites: How The Film Industry Fights Back
May, 7 2015
Turning the tables on health care
April, 13 2014
Local business owners share goofs, gaffes and miscalculations on their way to success

Candid accounts from successful small business owners of their biggest mistakes.

March, 30 2014
The Ugly Pool Guy tackles three serious dollars and cents questions about pool building
February, 19 2018
The Back Story
June, 11 2014
100-year-old utility system collides with solar advances — ASU researchers seek solutions
February, 7 2017
ASU researchers: Technology access, convenience create cybersecurity holes

One university's all-out effort to find cybersecurity holes and plug them.

February, 2 2017
Story From Sponsor Story: Millennials & sleep: Why this plugged-in generation must learn to power down
December, 18 2015
Data-Driven Student Success
May, 2 2017
Active adults may weigh NSAIDs with other pain relief options

Ibuprofen or Tylenol? This story answers questions about when to use which one.
This simple tip could double the life of your water heater
February, 20 2018
Honeybee decline a threat to global food supply, ASU researchers seek answers
February, 23 2017
Big Bang Theory


As LGBT-owned companies come out of the closet, they find support in business community
July, 27 2014
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