Brianna Wineberry

Ex-single mom/MSW/loves humans/loves God/loves food/[questioning] flat-earther

Yeah, I know. Flat earth, amarite? What can I say... I love a good conspiracy theory and flat earth would be the most epic conspiracy in history! I wouldn't stake money on it yet, but my gut says there is something amiss with traditional cosmology. Let's just say I'm staying tuned and resisting all my biases.
I have never been employed as a writer, but I have read and written millions (probably billions) of words in my life. I enjoy reading 'em and I enjoy writing 'em, and I'm damn good at both.
I recently married and decided to stay at home, but I have skills that are languishing in disuse. Those skills, while they may need a quick sharpening, are also the thing that makes me a valuable asset to Clear Voice.
I have been fascinated by human behavior and personality since I was a child; I grew up in a blended family of 8 people and recently finished my MSW. I consumed hundreds of peer-reviewed research and reports on how people function as individuals, groups, and communities. I have a distinct perspective on the human experience, and a unique voice. I am grounded, but have a vivid imagination. I am a stickler for rules, but I enjoy thinking outside the box. I crave opportunities to problem-solve, especially if words play a part in the solution.

Give me something to write about, and I will make sure people read it.
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University of Kansas, Master of Social Welfare, Bachelor of Social Welfare
Louisville, KY, USA|English

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